Care recommendations:
It is recommended to wash dark items and light items separately.
Please do not soak for a long time or machine wash. Hand wash or professional dry cleaning recommended.

It is recommended to use high-quality neutral detergent;
Hang to dry, do not expose to sunlight;
It is recommended that knitted clothing be laid flat to dry to avoid stretching and deformation;
Wash promptly after wearing to avoid sweat stains.

1. It is recommended to use neutral detergent for hand washing or machine washing. Before soaking, you can rub the clothes counterclockwise or clockwise to help discharge the dirt better.
3. You can choose softener when washing to make clothes softer and more comfortable.
4. Try to avoid excessive stirring and friction during the washing process to avoid deformation and damage to the clothes.
5. After washing, you should dry or iron it in time to keep the clothes smooth and beautiful.